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  • www.fkdmg.com
  • JinHu Minsheng Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Limited. It is a professional manufacturer Specially engages in various pharmaceutical machinery. Our factory developed about forty types of machines in over ten varieties, including Tablet Press, Pulverize, Packing Machine, Dryer, Mixer, Coater, Granulator, Labeling Machine, Filling Machine, etc. 
    All tasks from casting to metal machining and general assembly are accomplished by themselves. This company has been a leader in this particular sector of the pharmaceutical industry. Our products cover twenty-nine provinces of China with thousands of customers and have a good reputation in the market. We have the best staff team, the best, and the quick responsive sales & service. We have entered into a business relationship with many countries, such as America, Australia, Canada, Russia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, and Vietnam, etc., with good effect. We are confident that we can make good development in the future and we can contribute more for the people. 
    We have a professional export office and a professional engineer team. They will serve in the whole business. Same time after-sales service team can serve it if the customer needs on the place. The world must become better through our work hard together.
    Most of the machines are produced in our factory. Thus we can offer you the best price and best technical service at the same time. We are committed to providing high-quality merchandise at a good price.